Company Profile
         Hisun Industrial Co., Ltd. established in 1980 specializes in design and manufacture of various automatic oil pressure machinery inclusive of rubber hot pressure forming (rubber molding machine, rubber pressing machine), steel plate forming, gold forming, badge forming, grain forming, vacuum forming and rubber injection forming, applied extensively with productivity from 10 ton to 2000 ton. We also have mixer machine, calendar, C-frame pressing machine, rubber cutting machine, oven machine etc.

Our enterprise principle:
    1. Committed to the achievement of flawless product quality.
    2. Dedicated to providing premium products, reasonable price,
        and sincere service.

        Within continuous research, design and innovation of new models, Hai Shan expects to manufacture products that have proven more sophistication and high stability and designs diversified molds to anticipate and satisfy varied machinery such as butterfly model of mold-lift auto-forming, mold-separated model of auto-forming, and high speed track model of mold-lift auto-forming. Furthermore, the control of electric machinery adapts programmable controller operated in interface monitor to enable users operate easily; and its programme contact replaced by traditional relay contact eliminates the breakdown rate of controlled contact due to the use wastage and even to increase the yield of our products dramatically. Since 1998, the year we innovated the new oil pressure system, no breakdown has ever occurred in our machines. However, we are not conceited for this reputation and research constantly into the new oil pressure system for the stable and precise performance.

        Our selling network spreads through Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam, and, we have committed ourselves to marketing the best products and service over the whole world.